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Industry Exchange Group

Welcome to the IndEx Group

The Industry Exchange Group (IndEx) was created with the sole purpose of providing volume discounts on everyday business items. These programs have been developed for the exact needs of the service community. All vendors are dedicated to the IndEx initiative and guarantee low prices and great service. Through the consolidation of purchases, IndEx and its members have access to a nationwide network of vendors dedicated to provide outstanding products and services

IndEx works with regional commercial food equipment service providers to help them lower their cost of doing business. Though IndEx was created for the commercial food equipment industry, membership is available to every business. Its simple, lowering expenses is a challenge that every business deals with on an everyday basis and IndEx is the vehicle to accomplish that goal.

IndEx staff along with an Advisory Council are dedicated to finding profitable package deals for their members. The Advisory Council is comprised of IndEx members and assists in advising and negotiating favorable terms on behalf of the IndEx membership. IndEx will research all areas of a program so its members can take full advantage of these negotiated deals to purchase goods integral not only to their business but also to the benefit of their employees.

Only as a member of IndEx will these services be available to you. Contact us with questions on how to become a member or a partner of IndEx. 800-434-7861

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